David Keller

I'm a Computer Science student at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. Currently, I'm doing an exchange semester at University of Pennsylvania. In fall 2015, I interned as an iOS Engineer at Strava. Apart from studying, I design and program websites and iOS Apps or discuss the latest news about Apple. As a balance, I like to bike & run and participate in the regional and national boards of the Swiss youth organization Jungwacht Blauring.

Projects & Work


Screenshots of the SayChef iOS App
  • iosapp
  • voicecommand
  • cooking
  • swift
  • pennapps
  • opensource


Screenshots of the Strava iOS App
  • iosapp
  • socialnetworkforathletes
  • objective-c
  • internship


Screenshot of yaep.ch
  • website
  • responsive
  • mobilefirst
  • inlinesvg


How ReSply works
  • iosapp
  • swift
  • shopping
  • hackzurich
  • opensource

Lagerfilm 2013

  • summercamp
  • finalcutprox
  • gopro
  • timelapse


Screenshot of the PackingList app inside a iPhone 5s frame
  • iosapp
  • vacationpacking
  • objective-c
  • highshooldiplomaproject

More Projects