David Keller

I'm a computer science student at ETH in Zürich, Switzerland. Currently an iOS engineer intern at Strava. If I'm not studying I design & program websites and iOS Apps or read and talk about the latest news from Apple. As a balance I like to bike and help in the area and national boards of the Swiss youth organization Jungwacht Blauring.


Some public project I've done in the last few years.


Screenshot of yaep.ch
  • website
  • responsive
  • mobilefirst
  • inlinesvg


How ReSply works
  • iosapp
  • swift
  • shopping
  • hackzurich
  • opensource

Lagerfilm 2013

  • summercamp
  • finalcutprox
  • gopro
  • timelapse


Screenshot of the PackingList app inside a iPhone 5s frame
  • iosapp
  • vacationpacking
  • objective-c
  • highshooldiplomaproject

More Projects